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Refinishing is a multi-step home improvement process that results in a brand new finish to a surface or object. The refinishing process consists of four steps: cleaning, sanding, masking, and spraying. Let us use the refinishing of a bathtub as an example.

Step 1: A&E technicians arrive at the scene, lay out their materials, and probe for any flailing debris. A scraper handle is used to even out the tubs surface by removing bumps and lopping silicone (caulking). The tub is cleared, wiped down, and cleansed with acetone. Our clients are advised to remove contents in the room beforehand.

Step 2: Once the bathtub is clear of debris, A&E technicians move into the second phase of the process, sanding. The old material on the bathtub must be thinned out so that our material can stick. After sanding, technicians must clear the tub of debris once again. The tub is rinsed, followed by a dry.

Step 3: Now we mask. Given the shape of a bathtub, masking must be executed very carefully to avoid overspray. We use masking paper to cover floors, walls, shower heads, drains, and all other places and pockets where we don’t want contamination. Cloth is used to cover toilets, sinks, and vanities (unless they are also being reglazed; get your sinks and vanities reglazed with A&E today for a special offer!).

Step 4: This is the last step of the refinishing process, however, the most important! Our technicians suit up and begin the spraying process by priming. The tub must be coated with primer in order for our material to stick. After the tub has been primed, our technicians proceed to spray up to five coats of a prepared solution of acrylic urethane. A&E technicians make sure every inch of the tub has been sprayed over and that an even, aesthetic appearance results.

We will go over our maneuvers for handling fumes, service duration, and more in following questions, but that is bathtub refinishing in a nutshell!

A&E Bathtub Refinishing’s main goal is to provide quality work at an affordable price. When it comes time to deal with bathtub, sink, or tile deterioration, the services A&E provides will save you hundreds of dollars, time, and many headaches. We provide an alternate route for home and business owners to appreciate their properties without the hassle of total reconstruction. Refinishing saves people the hassle of demolition and the expense of replacement. This is one reason why it is an attractive endeavor: an opportunity to save hundreds, potentially thousands, of dollars and avoid days or even weeks of demolition mess and costly replacement. Another reason is deterring you, the consumer, from the stress of having to contract multiple parties (like plumbers, inspectors, electricians, etc.) in order to save you even more money and time. All it takes is one call. Call A&E Bathtub refinishing at (855) 693-5483 for a free consultation today.

Before A&E can do any work, before we can even provide a customer with an estimate, we need to identify the material we will be working with. Looks alone are usually not enough to identify your tub material, but a few tricks can help you narrow down the possibilities. Check out the linked article below to categorize your tub. If you are having trouble, send us an e-mail with pictures at (along with your name, a short description, and phone number) or simply give us a call and we can guide you through the process!

Title: How to Figure out What Your Bathtub Is Made Of
Author: Hannah Wahlig

One can tell if their bathtub has been reglazed before by simply scanning the surface. The imperfections that have brought you to our website probably hold the answer to this question, are you looking for information because your tub is peeling? Is material around the drain chipping away? A bathtub that has been previously reglazed will have signs of an overlapping coat either chipping or peeling off. Call or e-mail A&E for more information.

Each of our teams is provided with an exhaust fan that filters fumes from the service location out into a larger gradient where they can be dispersed. Clients can roam freely in their homes without having to worry about heavy fumes. After spraying has concluded, our employees allow the exhaust fan to run while they tidy up their spray guns and other paraphernalia. Our refinish technicians make sure to leave the area of service spotless, however, occasionally must leave some masking paper to not negatively affect the work around the edges of the product. Our clients then remove the masking paper the next day

Duration of a refinishing depends on the object being refinished, however, most jobs take about two to three hours and all are ready the next day morning. Occasionally, other companies will have you wait up to 72 hours. Those companies use epoxy, a material you can find at your local home depot. Too soon of use of an epoxy refinished sink or bathtub could cause it to turn yellow and crack. This is why A&E instead uses another material, acrylic urethane. This material is shipped from the East Coast and it is the best material for reglazing based on its durability and duration. Your refinished product is guaranteed another 10 to 15 years of brilliance.

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